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A warm hearted welcome to the educational establishment Warth-Aichhof!

The educational centre Warth - Aichhof is situated in the regional district Neunkirchen, more exactly in the municipality Warth.
The community Warth also includes some rural communitites, which are nearby like Petersbaumgarten, Kirchau and Haßbach.
Alltogether this communities have 1.600 inhabitants and cover an area of just about 30 square kilometers.

At the moment about 300 pupils attend the agricultural college Warth - Aichhof.
About 160 of them are accomodated in our boarding school during the week.
The appartments offer room for 4 persons and have their own bath and toilets.
For sport and sparetime activities there are an indoor sport arena, table tennis, 
a soccer pitch and beach volleyball for free use.
In addition to all that we can offer free computer and internet acess, a library, a musik room, games, a pool billard, a sauna and a fitness studio to our students.

For the specific agricultural training the following rooms and equipment are available:
8 class rooms or rooms for seminars, 2 computer classes, 4 studios for the practical training, a hall, which can be used multifunctionally for sport and spare time, workshop halls for agrotechnologies, woodworking and forestry, 
a training kitchen and a tailor´s studio.
The buildings also hold a dairy, a butchery, rooms for our bee-keepers - as well as the rooms for processing milk, meat, honey and fruits.
Lately our school has had an eye on the production of juices, cider and brandy from fruits and on the production of liquors and mead form honey.

The school farm includes arable farming, grassland production and forestry on an acerage of about 40 hectares.
The educational training on our school farm focuses on the dairy business and the breeding of Simmenthal cattle. With an average milk yield of about10.000 kg per lactation Warth is the leading agricultural college in Lower Austria.
Fattening pigs, the processing of milk and meat, trials on maize, wheat and grassland production, bee-keeping and the production of must complete the picture of our school farm.

To realise the main educational aims - getting mature for life - development of cooperative knowledge - connecting tradition with modern know-how sensibly -
is our 25 teachers´ mission in the educational center Warth - Aichhof.

I may take the function for all our staff to wish you a pleasant stay ! 

DI. Franz Aichinger

Bildungszentrum Warth-Aichhof Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Warth